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Meet The People who ARE Alpacas By The Sea:

Introducing Ken and Victoria Hibbits



Ken & Victoria HibbitsKen and Victoria Hibbits
Ken and Victoria Hibbits run and own Alpacas By The Sea in Montara, California.  They have both worked in the medical device industry for over 15 years.  Victoria is presently the Vice President of National Accounts at Philips Medical Solution, USA. She is a former Alpaca Registry Phenotypic Screener with the charter to limit importation of alpacas into North America (prior to registry closure by the AOBA membership). She has also held board of director's positions with AOBA and Calpaca. Read about Victoria's Phenotypic Screener work in South America by clicking the links below:  Alpaca Registry May 98  Alpaca Registry Spring 99

Ken, is also in the medical industry and works as an executive recruiter based in San Francisco. They have enjoyed alpacas since 1992 in the bay area. The herd size that they manage is currently around 65 alpacas.  Alpacas By the Sea is a ranch located just 25 minutes south of San Francisco. Having been to South America many times and having experienced Alpacas in they're native environment (the Alta Plano), she and Ken feel like they have found a business that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Victoria often makes presentations on alpaca conformation and husbandry requirements. Ken's presentations surround subject matter like Business 101, Tax Advantages and Effective Marketing. Their presentations have been given in different venues around the country from their workshops, regional and the national AOBA conference., with great reception.

Our trusted alpaca expert and veterinarian: 
Dr. Ty McConnell whose help makes ABS what it is!

Dr Ty McConnellTy McConnell DVM
Ty is a leading authority in alpaca medicine and care. He is a graduate of UC Davis veterinary school. He has worked with llamas and alpacas for over 20 years and has published dozens of articles on all aspects of alpaca and llama medicine care. He is a former Alpaca Registry Veterinary Screener hired to limit importation into the USA and Canada. Ty serves on the Alpaca Registry Foundation that approves research grants. He is highly regarded for his accomplishments in the area of orthopedics and reproduction. He currently conducts workshops on camelids at UC Davis for new student faculty.  Dr. McConnell is the primary veterinarian for Alpacas by the Sea and supports our workshops by presenting the husbandry, neonatal and conformation talks on an annual basis.

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