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Agistment for New Buyers.


Agistment is currently available to any customer who purchases alpacas from ABS.  Agistment allows ABS customers to invest in alpacas, build alpaca equity, while they learn, gain knowledge and confidence.  For a new buyer this task can be daunting.  Through agistment, the security and health of your investment is assured.   Allow ABS to alleviate your risk and fears while you gain the confidence in alpaca husbandry.  Your core herd will multiply, while you build equity and improve the core competencies of your business.

Through the agistment program we will help you to learn what you need to know along the way.  We can help you pick the right studs, assist with birthing your first cria, and help market your new herd. While you agist, our ranch manager, Cheryl Satterlee and her husband Don, can help you gain the confidence that you need to manage your business.  Then, when you are ready, you can take your alpacas home, or continue to agist them here.  Feel free to ask a few of our customers about our on-going support.   They are typically at the ranch visiting their alpacas on the weekend (please inquire for a list of references).


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