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Ranch Setup Consultation Services (within CA only) $1,000.00 
Husbandry one on one Training
4 hours
Halter Training Program
$10.00 per hour
Agistment Boarding
Daily charge


T-shirts Long Sleeve T-Shirt $22.95 (S/M/L/X) White
Long Sleeve Denim Shirt $29.95 (S/M/L/X)
Polar fleece lined Cria coats with extra wide Velcro on the straps.  

Vinyl-Outer: Great for wet weather
Nylon-Outer: Water resistant, breathable, can be worn day after day.
Colors may vary.  Shipping, handling included.
Newborn $25.00: 12-20 lbs, to 26" around belly, 16" back-length, 
Small $29.00: 20 - 30 lbs, to 31" around belly, 20" back- length, 
Weanling $29.00: to 36" around belly, 25" back-length


Terms when purchasing alpacas :
bulletDeposits on Alpacas are $5,000 in most circumstances, with the remainder of the purchase price, along with any applicable taxes & shipping charges due at time of purchase. 
bulletShipping Charges: There will be no delivery or shipping charge for animals delivered within a 50 mile radius from ABS. If delivery is outside of this range a shipping charge will be added to the price of the animal or the last payment if payment terms are provided. This charge will vary depending on the distance of delivery, yet coast to coast usually this price does not exceed $500.00. Should the buyer choose to pick up their own alpaca no delivery charge is considered.
bulletTax: Will be added to the sale price of the alpaca, or to the last payment of the alpaca in the event that payment terms apply. Otherwise, a sellers permit must be provided to ABS for a pass through on sales tax -- this is required by state law.
bulletRestocking charges for incomplete sales: If a sale is cancelled and a deposit is made via credit card access through this web site, a 5% service charge will be retained in order to cover the costs incurred by the credit card company for the incomplete sale.

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