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The following are film clips of the birth a cria.  Warning - the film footage can be considered by some to be very graphic.  

Please note:  If you are connecting to the internet via standard dial up connection,  movies will take a long time to load and will play in a fashion that indicates they have stopped when in fact more data is simply being sent via your connection.  Movies are best viewed via dsl, cable or T1 connectivity.  

The movies are mpegs and you must have a viewer that allows mpeg viewing.  Quicktime will view mpegs and if you do not have Quicktime installed please click here to download and install it.

Each clip is approximately 5 megs of data.  When you click on one of the clips a new window will open, to view additional clips please click on your back arrow button to return to this page. 
Film clips done by Francisco Montes!
Clip 1: The birthing process begins.
Clip 2: The baby's head is exposed while other alpacas curiously await the pending arrival.
Clip 3: Continuation of the birthing process.
Clip 4: Head and front legs are exposed.
Clip 5: A trying time for both mother and baby.
Clip 6: Newborn is being attended to by both mother and human.
Clip 7: Mother attends to her baby and the bonding process begins.

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