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bulletLife Span: 15 - 25 years
bulletAverage Gestation is 335 days
bulletSingle births.
bulletHighly interactive and entertaining.
bulletHighly intelligent.
bulletColors:  22 basic colors that may blend into beautiful variations,
250 shades.
bulletHarvest approximately 6-10 pounds of fiber per year.
bulletAlpacas eat about as much as a medium sized dog.
bulletBirth:  Birth weight is usually around 15 to 19 lbs.  Babies
can often stand and nurse within 30 minutes to one hour.
bulletInfant mortality is very low.
bulletAverage Weight:  100 to 175 lbs. or about 1/3 the size of the llama.
bulletAverage Adult Height: 32"- 37" at the withers.
bulletHalter Breaking:  Alpacas can be halter broke in about three to
four training sessions.
bulletFinancial Investment: Alpacas offer solid financial returns,
market is strong in the USA and returns are around 15 to 38%
(AOBA's Investment Brochure)
bulletAlpacas dung in one or two areas in their pasture.  This makes for
easy clean up.
bulletAdaptable to many environments.

Alpacas and Llama

Alpacas and Llama (on right)
roam together on the Altiplano yet typically separate into their own groups.
GuanacoSentry.jpg (48766 bytes)
Guanacos Sentry
range at lower elevations than other camelids.  Few reside in the US, typically very high strung.
VicunaWaterShot.jpg (47926 bytes)
are still considered endangered and are not exported out of South America at this time.  They harvest the finest a lpaca fleece available (approximately 10-12 microns)

Soft corded fiber.  Enormous shine and luster.
Approximately  4,000 in the USA.

Sara of Bolivia

z33c     Mixes
Suri/Llama cross.

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