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Besides just visiting Alpacas By the Sea, the Coastside offers a wonderful place to play.  Parks, camping, hiking, biking and surfing are all common activities on the coast.  Check out Save Our Bay's community links page for the most complete.

Our annual events are worth the drive so bring the entire family.  For example, in October the
Pumpkin Festival is a blast and the entire coast enjoys making this a successful event.  We grow the largest pumpkins in the United States.

The Fourth of July Parade is also fun and we have our alpacas strut their stuff in this event.  The kids love it too.

Dream Machines Show in late April is great fun. In addition to seeing antique planes, it also offers a glimse at old cars, trucks and even tractors.

Pacifica has the
Fog Fest in September and it brings out the crafts, games and coastal neighbor in all of us once again.  Come and see what else we have to offer, besides beautiful beaches, cliffs and sunsets - lets just chat about alpacas.

Alpacas By The Sea
P. O. Box 371628
1162 Tamarind St.
Montara, CA 94037
(650) 728-LUCK
Fax: (650) 515-3000

For further information on Alpaca farms, alpaca husbandry and alpaca sales,
write to: