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Our ranch layout, feeders, fencing and overall design are state-of-the-art and aimed to efficiently support herd management on small acreage.  In California this is typically a requirement!

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Our Pastures
Our pastures have been recently irrigated and rotation is required for health management.  Please come and visit our ranch and enjoy both alpacas, the ocean and maybe a little Napa or Sonoma wine in the early evening.

Northern views of our pastures.
Ocean view from our pastures.

Enjoy our Scenic Pastures
Enjoy our Scenic Pastures

Our Facilities
Alpacas By The Sea offers one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive care and management programs available to new customers in California.  Our veterinarians, Allen Burr, DVM and Tye McConnel, DVM are board certified and have been involved in treating camelids for the last decade.  Our Ranch manager Cheryl Saterlee and her husband Don provide our ranch with the finest support available.  Just stop by and ask Cheryl how she likes alpacas, she will simply smile and say, "I Love Them", she also loves the birthing season and eagerly looks over the pasture for new alpaca arrivals.  This is always a big day for all of us and always a reason for celebration.  Cheryl has been our manager for over 5 years now - she is an alpaca expert.  

Formula for Success
  1. Excellent Bloodlines & Selective Breeding Program
  2. "Hands On - Heart & Soul" Alpaca Husbandry & Experience
  3. First Class Herdsires & Breeding Program
  4. Excellent Customer Follow Up & Support Packages
  5. Well & Irrigation System, automatic watering systems
  6. Safe and secure fencing
  7. Daily Herd Management & Rotation
  8. Consistent Alpaca / Acreage Ratio
  9. Eco-Friendly Cleanliness / Dung Removal
  10. Alpaca Passion!!

Our Logical & Efficient  Design Makes Raising Alpacas a Breeze!!

Our Location
Alpacas By The Sea is located on the beautiful California Coast, just off scenic "Highway 1". This is merely 20 minutes west of the San Francisco Airport or approximately 25 minutes south of San Francisco. We are four blocks from the ocean and enjoy the refreshing ocean breezes and panoramic views. Our alpacas like this too. 
Maps & Driving Directions

Alpacas By The Sea
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1162 Tamarind St.
Montara, CA 94037
(650) 728-LUCK
Fax: (650) 515-3000

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