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Agistment for New Buyers

Husbandry Workshops

Our Breeding Program
(Herdsire Services)

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bulletOn-Going Customer Support
bulletBreeding Support
bulletOn-Site Ranch Planning
bulletLayout Consultation

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and support possible. We believe that new clients need support after they buy our alpacas and we intend to be there for them while they ramp up their business. Our first-time buyer assistance program supports new breeders so that they can quickly learn about proper breeding and husbandry requirements. We have a hands on approach and have created a husbandry and halter training program for our clients so that they can quickly learn about the requirements needed to support their new business endeavor. We also lend a hand and support our customers with discussions on ranch planning and much more. Read about our programs by clicking the various buttons above for more details.

"When we first started, we learned so much from Victoria and Ken, Good Stuff that you can't get from books or magazines" 
Kim and Mike Bisceglia, McCarty Creek Ranch


Shearing day with Eddy,
Matt Moses and Don
Satterlee.  Eddy can knock
out our entire herd in one day
if we let him.  He is incredible!
Shearing demonstration
at one of our workshops.



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