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"South American Photographs 2000."
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AIA2002a.jpg (42198 bytes)
Alpaca Festival 2000, Arequipa, Peru
MitchellBrothersa.jpg (44085 bytes)
Ignacio Garychochea and Mitchell Brothers and Associates.
Ignacio Garychochea (left), Mitchell Exectutive, Victoria and Ken, Mrs and Mr Derek Mitchell and Mrs. Olga and Mr. Mitchell. From Mitchell Brothers Mill (Arequipa, Peru).

   Alpaca Fiesta 2000  

Cachua Line

Altiplano in Peru

Coming Home at Night

Ceremony Altiplano in Peru

Cuzco Women

Llama Trek

Kenny and some locals

Llama Head in Decoration
Llama Show Decoration

Peruvian ladies

Marriage Of Alpacas

Macho Winner

Machu Pichu

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Victoria with Peruvian man
Altiplano Peru

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