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Travel Restrictions apply, see Additional Details for information.


I'm The Kid

I'm Cooper

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I'm Bordeoux


Our "Traveling Studs" have enormous potential and they have typically already had babies on the ground in which we can reference or we have extensive experience with their bloodline, parents and/or their history. As a result we are willing to allow them to come to your ranch for a two month period (this also depends on their breeding schedule) and breed to your dam, at your ranch and under your supervision. In doing this, we are able to offer you a lower than market price to breed to them. 

Traveling Stud Program was designed because: 


We want them to get more babies on the ground with these studs and we believe they have lovely bloodlines and/or they have produced beautiful cria thus far and we want to build their reputation further.


We recognize a need and service that we can provide our customers when they don't want to take their dam and a new cria to another ranch for breeding. 


We also want to offer new bloodlines to our customers. 



They can service dams within California, Nevada and Oregon.  


Cost of transport will be the responsibility of the breeding dams ranch, but ABS can coordinate. Our goal is to provide you with a break even cost for delivery. 

Additional Details: 


Traveling Stud will be insured by ABS, but a breeding contract will be required prior to delivery (see sample agreement).


Ranch must be considered safe and free of dangers i.e. poor fencing, access to dogs, unsanitary conditions etc. 


Traveling stud can stay up to two months or until dam is bred, but not to exceed ninety days (other scheduled appointments may be arranged).


If incoming ranch has other breedings that they would like to present to the Traveling Stud, the incoming ranch can share in proceeds or realize discounts on their own breedings. Please discuss this with ABS if this is a consideration. 

Fiber Color Chart and Key (Alpaca Registry, Inc.)

W = White

LB = Light Brown

LSG = Light Silver Grey

B = Beige

MB = Medium Brown

MSG = Medium Silver Grey

LF = Light Fawn

DB = Dark Brown

MRG = Medium Rose Grey

MF = Medium Fawn

BB = Bay Black

DRG = Dark Rose Grey

DF = Dark Fawn

TB = True Black


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