Alpaca fiber has a cellular structure similar to hair. This valuable fiber is prized by the modern textile industry around the world. In particular, alpaca fiber is in high demand in Britain, Europe and Japan for its fineness and silky feel.

Alpaca fleece comes in 22 natural colors and sells for approximately $3.00 -$5.00 a finished oz. Annual fiber yield is about 5 to 10 lbs. per alpaca. Alpaca fiber can be easily dyed and has a feel similar to fine cashmere. This highly desirable finished product offers a lifetime of wear, insulation and shape.

The alpaca has been meticulously bred for thousands of years to yield a beautiful fleece while minimizing guard hair (the prickle component found in other fleece like wool). As a result, alpaca is lightweight and soft. People that tend to be sensitive to other natural fibers can easily wear alpaca products. It is in especially high demand to those looking for absolute perfection in an all-natural finished product.