A workshop customer’s point of view
(From Beyond the Horizon)
For nearly one year, we have been privileged to take part in the professional mentoring services from the Hibbits of Alpacas By the Sea (ABS). Newcomers are welcomed with a warm friendliness and an eagerness to share this wonderful lifestyle.

Learning from professionals like the Victoria & Ken Hibbits, has made our first year in the alpaca industry a blast! They have pleasantly made the buying, agisting, and learning process more fun than the business it really is.

From both Victoria & Ken’s highly informative workshop seminars, to the “hands-on herd & ranch management” learning sessions, the Hibbits have been there to support us every step of the way.

With an extremely experienced veterinarian, ABS provides a top-notch maintenance program with regularly scheduled check-ups in lieu of last minute “fire fighting”, to ensure the health and well-being of all the animals visiting and residing at the ranch.

Their in-depth knowledge of alpacas and their business integrity instills in us great confidence and enthusiasm as we look forward to doing business with them for years to come.

Under the kindest guidance of their ranch manager, husbandry workshops and practices at ABS are second to none. “Hands-on” is the method of choice for providing the best application of all the information you’ll find on paper.

Some of our guided activities with ABS have included shearing day, a halter competition, several breedings, cria births, vet check-ups and even a parade.

We could not have selected a better alpaca ranch to guide us from our start and through our first year in the alpaca business. ABS is an outstanding foundation for solid support when you decide to begin your alpaca adventures, and as you enjoy your new business.

After all, providing the right start to their customers’ success is their business.

Kathy and Ronnie Cabusora,
Alpacas Beyond the Horizon.

Another comment from a  previous workshop attendee:

“The Hibbits’ alpaca workshop far exceeded my expectations. I gained so much practical information I can put to use right away in my new alpaca business, and met a great group of people. Ken and Victoria are so generous with their support and sharing their knowledge. I would highly recommend their workshops to anyone.”

–Sandra Borland, AlpenGlow
Alpaca Ranch of Santa Cruz