Alpacas By The Sea offers outstanding workshops for both the beginner and the advanced alpaca breeder over our many years raising alpacas.  Be sure to check back for our next workshop.

Below you will see the various subjects we have covered during our past workshops.

With more than 30 years experience raising alpacas, we have faced nearly every problem and adventure one can face in the alpaca business and are happy to share our experiences and knowledge with others!

Private consultations are available. If interested see the page Visiting The Ranch. These are designed for those specifically interested in Alpacas Ownership or for private guidance and assistance with your current alpaca herd.

Please note we cannot offer tours for petting or photos – Sorry.

Please visit CALPACA.ORG for ranches that tours, photos and offer open ranch visits in California.

  • Alpaca Breeding Demonstrations
  • Alpaca Shearing Demonstrations
  • Alpaca Ranch Set Up
  • Selecting the Right Alpacas  for Breeding
  • Basic Alpaca Husbandry
  • Neonatal Alpaca Care
  • Alpaca Ranch Layout
  • Correct Alpaca Conformation
  • Alpaca Pregnancy Testing
  • Establishing an Alpaca Foundation Herd
  • The Benefits of Alpaca Male Production
  • Alpaca Agistment Service Strategies
  • Advanced Alpaca Husbandry Techniques
  • Alpaca Dental Care
Ken with Huacaya

If you wish to learn from the experienced alpaca breeder, as well as a world-renowned Veterinarian,
be sure to make time for our next Alpaca Workshop!