We have been breeding alpacas for more than 30 years. Our ranch is home to both Huacaya and Suri alpacas and features lovely alpacas of great quality and value. We offer the very best in the alpaca experience and know all about the Alpaca Lifestyle. Alpacas By The Sea is a member of AOA and Calpaca. Ken is an AOA Certified Judge in Performance, Halter, & Fleece for both Huacaya and Suri. Victoria was an ARI Phenotypic screener and they have traveled together in Peru learning advanced husbandry directly from breeders on the altiplano.

Our bloodlines come from all over the alpaca world. We have North American and South American bloodlines within our herd. We have owned alpacas that originated in Bolivia, Chile, New Zealand, and Peru. However, country of origin does not determine quality. In fact, great bloodlines are essential for elite progeny and thus they can originate from anywhere in the world. Great alpacas come from great breeding decisions. The key breeding traits and unifying elements can be generally organized into three key areas of focus – an Alpaca Value Triad. Pedigree – Conformation – Fleece.

We can form consistent methodology along these three key areas of focus by using phenotypic assessments for both conformational and fleece traits and organizing them by pedigree. There are elite alpacas bred all around the world.  We believe in breeding for genetic gain. We have spent years crafting a hands-on selective breeding program in order to better predict our outcomes from prepotent alpaca bloodlines.

Our breeding program, backed by years of experience, deep pedigrees, excellent conformational and fleece traits has been a rewarding aspect of our alpaca journey. We focus on education and support. Our bloodlines feature Top Herd Sires and excellent females to create exciting progeny.

Some of Our Favorite Breeding Foundation Alpacas

Great Machos!

Introductions are our specialty.